• Josie Vidal

    Chief Executive Officer

    Josie Vidal is the CEO of Straterra Inc, a member-based organisation that advocates for the mining and minerals sectors of New Zealand. 

    Josie joined Straterra in May 2022, with six years’ previous experience in advocacy organisations for horticulture and trucking, traversing the corridors of power in Wellington to get the best outcomes for their members.

    From starting her career as a print journalist, Josie has worked in communications, public relations, and marketing in New Zealand and overseas, telling stories about everything from fashion to game-changing computer software. She has specialised in disaster response and recovery work for the New Zealand Government and industry organisations and has been a trusted political advisor, including working in the Beehive for the Government of the day.

    Josie believes mining in New Zealand has tremendous growth potential as people realise the vital role minerals play in their everyday lives and move to support sustainable and responsible mining in their own backyard, which benefits all New Zealanders.

    Josie Vidal
  • Jeremy Harding

    Policy and Communications Manager

    Jeremy has an economics background and has spent most of his career at the interface between the public and private sectors in a number of industries.

    Jeremy has had senior positions in business lobby groups Federated Farmers and the Chambers of Commerce, in the areas of policy and communications, and has worked closely with local government in the economic development arena.

    He has also spent time as a Ministerial Advisor in the Beehive in the 1990s and 2000s, and as an economic and financial analyst at the Treasury.

    Jeremy Harding
  • Sarah Walker

    Business Manager

    Sarah Walker
  • Jade Piper

    Communications Advisor

  • Fiona Hatzilamprou

    Financial Accountant

    Fiona Hatzilamprou

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